Alan Liu

Yale Class of 2018 ○ Computer Science BS/MS

Why just be a stargazer when you could be an astronaut?

I like to not just dream, but make those dreams a reality.
As a project manager and a backend software engineer,
I spend my free time thinking deeply about where technology is going and building my place in that future.



Director of Technology (Sept '15 - Now)

YHack is an annual 36-hour hackathon every November where over 1000 students from colleges across the globe work together to solve current issues and present their prototypes. The YHack team also runs a day of teaching workshopsfor local high school students in the Spring called CodeBoola.

Project Manager (Jan '15 - May '17)

Reservations is an equipment tracking system for media libraries. It's currently used by over 30 instances on Yale campus, with over 10,000 users.

  • Increased User Feedback and Testing by 300%
  • Met with clients to resolve critical issues
  • Expanded Reservations to 2 instances outside Yale
  • Mentored students on sustainable software development
Software Developer (Sept '16 - May '17)

Vesta is a room draw application used by all of Yale's residential colleges.

  • Improved transparency and fairness of room draw process
  • Ran user testing and preliminary client feedback
  • Worked with leads to design code structure
  • Mentored other students to create features and resolve bugs