Alan Liu

A Grand Google Bus Chase

September 01, 2017

This summer I worked at Google in Mountain View, California in the South Bay Area. Here, one of the many perks was the Google shuttle buses (affectionately referred to gbuses). Each gbus is outfitted with Wifi, leather seats, and a sleek dark exterior. On the back is a set of bike racks for weary biking commuters. It was my morning commute on this fateful day that led to the most epic adventure I'd ever had, all before 10AM. The day started ... continue reading


Meaningful Hackathon Projects

February 27, 2017

As featured in the Yale Admissions Blog. Thanks, Jinchen! Imagine 200 boxes of pizza stacked to the ceiling, enough air mattresses to fill two basketball courts, and over 1000 nylon "swag" bags full of T-shirts and other goodies. Imagine 1000 people, all in the same gigantic gym. Welcome to the world of hackathons. Despite its devious sounding name, hackathons are a mix between career fairs and coding competitions where student teams "hack" ... continue reading


A Home for Immigrants

February 27, 2017

Yesterday, Trump signed an executive order banning immigration from seven countries in the Middle East. I wanted more than anything to bury my head in the sand and convince myself that there are sufficient checks and balances to ensure that American values will persevere. However, I couldn't help but think of my own past. I came to America at the young age of three. Now, almost two decades later, I find myself lucky enough to be in one of the ... continue reading